What are the 7 Basic Parts of a Website Homepage | A Complete Website Structure

Explain Complete Website Structure main paerts of a website homepage
Explain Complete Website Structure main paerts of a website homepage
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The 7 Basic Parts of a Website Homepage

Hi, In this article, you will learn about the 7 Basic Parts of a Website Homepage, A Complete Website Structure the basic structure, and the main sections of a website. Mostly new web developers get confused about the overall basic structure of a website.

We all want our website to be readable and functional, so there are some central parts of a website that need to be designed. Like headings, text layout, and navigability. Check out the article below to learn more about website structure, structure, and sections, below:

What are the different sections of a website?

In this article, we are going to tell you about the basic parts of a website, including the website body, sidebar, sliders, website content, headers, feature image, footer, and navigation menu bat. If you want to learn more about it, please continue reading. Thanks!

Let’s start by defining the various parts of a website:

  1. Website Header
  2. Navigation (Navigation Bar or Main Menu)
  3. Feature Image (Hero Image Headline Image)
  4. Website Content
  5. Sidebar on a web page
  6. Slider
  7. Footer

The 7 Basic Parts of a Website Homepage (Video Tutorial)

First, watch the complete video tutorial about the 7 Basic Parts of a Website Homepage.

7 basic sections of a website homepage

Now, Let’s define and briefly explain the main elements of a website web page.

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Website Header

This is the top part of a website containing the logo and usually (but not always) the site’s navigation menu. The header is the zone at the top of the page that stays sticky and visible as visitors click around your site.

Website header
Website header

A website header is the centrally-located part of the top of the web page in a design. The header usually includes a menu bar of some sort, such as the one on the website, as well as a few user-friendly and aesthetically-pleasing elements such as social media buttons and logos.

Searching for a website? The header is the part of a website just above the navigation menu. It contains the company’s logo and website name, including a tagline or statement about what the website does.

Navigation (Navigation Bar or Main Menu)

The navigation menu is located at the top of the website. The menu is divided into two sections: the first one is where you access the main website, whereas the second is the page for your blog. The website has these elements: the search, the top menu, the blog, the footer, the contact, and the social.

Navigation Menu Bar
Navigation Menu Bar

The blog itself has these elements: the category view, the individual posts, the raw blog, and the syndicated blog. The navigation menu displays links to all of the content on a website, from the homepage to individual blog posts.

The traditional menu takes the form of a horizontal bar of links, sometimes arranged in a list, with the main menu items appearing on the left-hand side, and a horizontal menu icon across the top.

When a site is viewed on a mobile device, the navigation usually morphs into an icon with 3 stacked lines also called a “hamburger”. Tapping the mobile navigation icon usually triggers vertical or horizontal toggle menu links.

mobile responsive navigation
mobile responsive navigation

Feature Image (Hero Image Headline Image)

The featured image of a website can be an image or a graphic that is displayed on the homepage of the website or used for banner duty. It is often included in the navigation of the website (such as the internal linking of the homepage) and is often created to show a specific message or create a certain mood.

Featured Image
Featured Image

The featured image of a website is potentially displayed in a wide variety of mediums including print, digital, and billboards. In order to display their website on the search engine, you need to know what the feature image is.

A feature image is a primary image that appears in the browser’s tab when someone is on your website, giving them a better view of what the website looks like.

Website Content

The content found on a website is most commonly its body text. Content includes not only what is written but what can be done with the text like pictures and lists. The content of a website is like the body text on a piece of paper or the article text on a blog.

Website Content
Website Content

Most websites that have a home page have a detailed description of their company and services mentioned on the page. Other websites give a brief description of what the site content is on their home page, or otherwise.

There are many types of websites and blogs, but website content usually consists of information about the owner’s experience, product, and service reviews, industry news, or the solutions they offer.

Sidebar on a Web Page

A sidebar is a horizontal or vertical bar displayed on a page, typically at the right/left side of the page, often containing text and links to other pages on a website that the sidebar is related to. A sidebar can be quite helpful for a website, but sometimes it can be a headache too.

Sidebar on a webpage
Sidebar on a webpage

That is why it is best to learn about the different types of sidebars to help you decide which one might work for your particular needs. You can see the sidebar appeared on the right side of a webpage. It’s at the bottom of the webpage and contains links to the primary sections of the webpage. Often,You will see the header section at the top of the homepage is also exist on the sidebar.


Now, let’s talk about the Sliders those cool carousel images that slide along the side of a webpage before panning to the content in the middle. I want to show you that a website slider is a special type of webpage that’s meant to orient website visitors and starts their journey by showcasing its content on a touch-centric device such as a mobile phone or tablet.

Sliders are visual representations of a campaign’s marketing message and content. A slider can be a standalone marketing tool or integrated with other marketing tools.

7. Footer

The footer is the bottom part of a website which generally contains copyright information and links to contact the website administrator and other websites.

Website footer
Website footer

The footer is a separate section of the bottom of a website that typically contains links or other information, or any logo that is on the bottom or in the header of a website.

Final Words

We learned about the main parts of a website in order to be built nicely. Such as headings, text layout, and navigability. But that doesn’t just mean they need some consideration. Some of these needs can be remedied with a website design tool.

The general purpose of these tools is to make sure you are using the best website design elements you could possibly use to make your website design perfect.

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