How to Change Color of Text and Syntax in VS Code Editor 2023

How to change text or syntaxt colors VS Code editor

How to Change Color of Text and Syntax in VS Code Editor Are you a new web developer and just started using Visual Studio Code? If you don’t know how to change the color of Text and Syntax in VS Code Editor, then this article is exactly for you. In this post, you will learn […]

How to Send HTML Form Data to Email Using PHP

How to send form data to email using PHP

Hi, This article will show you how
to send HTML form to direct mail address and at the same time a confirmation email will sent to client on form submission. A Simple PHP contact form to send email with source code.

How to Make a Transparent Login Form in HTML with CSS Source Code

transparent login form in html with css source code

Hi, in this post I will create an amazing transparent sign up and login form using HTML and CSS. Then we will use jQuery code to show or hide the login and registration form on button clicking. Moreover, you will get Source Code of the login and registration form with toggle options using jQuery.

How To Use JavaScript and jQuery for Form Validation

Form Validation Using JavaScript and jQuery

In this blog post, I will show you how to use JavaScript and jQuery for form validation. This is a great way to ensure that the user has answered all of your questions before submitting their form. You will also get source code!

How to Make Money From Upwork in 2023: A Complete Guide

How to make money from Upwork a Complete guide

Hi in this article, I will show you How to get started on Upwork and earn money in 2021? and how to set up your profile so that clients come looking for you instead of the other way around. I will also teach you all about bidding strategies in order to land high-paying projects with just one click to make money from Upwork.